Let’s talk yarn sales

Y’all can we take a minute to talk about the best yarn sale that is happening (every other week so far) ?? When I first started making things I bought solely one brand of acrylic because of the vast color choices and the affordability. I still use this brand often and built my collection with it. Then I one day I tried this other brand that was readily available in my Walmart with its colors and softness has helped me win awards. Then one day about 9 years ago I went into my first Hobby Lobby….. it was heaven for a crafter like me. I purchased some yarn. I truly fell in love with the   texture of their I Love This Yarn. Unfortunately the closest store was 1000 miles from where I lived. Fast forward several years and I now live with in a 50 mile radius of 3!! As much as I wanted to have the bulk of my yarn to be ILTY, it was a bit out of budget. It was $4 a skein and what I had been using was about depending on time of the year was any where from $2.50- 3. I had never seen Hobby Lobby put any of the yarn on sale, that is until about a month ago. I saw a post in a Facebook crochet group that this first time sale was happening on ALL the yarn was 30% off….. WOW! It made each skein $2.79, cheaper than the other 2 brands even when they are on sale. I went on that first week, as I was making my purchase I asked the cashier and she said how much yarn that they had sold that week. It must have been a success because this week is now the 3rd sale. I hope they continue with this great rotation sale! If you haven’t tried I Love This Yarn, I highly urge you to get some and try it out, and if at all possible buy at least  a skein every time there is a sale and let’s let Hobby Lobby know just how much we do appreciate their products. Until we talk again, Don’t worry be crafty! ~Jama