Perfectionism, our own worst critic.

Sometimes you have to work in the quiet of the night. This has been a whirlwind of a week leaving me drained of inspiration and motivation. At lest as first it did. There is a growing list of projects and teaching preparations that need to be completed by a certain time frame. Of course there have been a few obstacles on the course of life that have left little desire to complete them. Some days you feel like you can march forward owning the world and other days can be indescribably overwhelming. Success usually comes from behind the scenes hard work that may take innumerous hours. So if you are a perfectionist like myself, then you are your own worst critic. I have to work hard to remind myself, even if everything is not getting done fast enough, just one little thing that does get done it is one step closer to the goal. So while the house is quiet, others sleep, I continue working on my dream a small step at a time. As I need this reminder tonight——- Until we talk again, Don’t worry, be crafty! ~ Jama

Summer Saturdays

A couple of weekends ago my husband and I were able to go on a spur of the moment getaway.  So we headed out to the Mariner’s Museum in Newport News, VA. If you get a chance, please go and  visit because it is one of the most intriguing museums you will  ever go to.  On the way home we made a side trip to Virginia Beach. Let’s just say it was about 100* and too many people.  However I did happen to find enough space to write out this (as well as getting a few stitches in while there) ….. DSCF5307

There are less than 2 months to the NC State Fair. How can it be almost here??? So what I have been working on, as you can guess, will be some of my entries. Sometimes it is a hard choice to make when deciding on what to enter. I had no trouble deciding on the baby blanket pattern that I wanted to make this year. I have stated before since I have found Elk Studio  that Kathy Lashley has become one of my favorite designers. Please go check out her beautiful designs! I joined in the Southern Diamond Shawl CAL (Crochet-a-long), then the Southern Diamond Wrap CAL, and today I finished the Southern Diamonds Baby Blanket CAL. If only the colors would pop in the pictures as it does in person. BTW the colors are white, orchid, and grape.

Guess I need to try to improve my photography skills.  DSCF5333 DSCF5334              For now we will just have to continue on my path to get the fair entries done since I have less than 2 months!!!  Until we talk again, Don’t worry be crafty! ~ Jama

Proud to be a Southern Girl

Hey ya’ll! What a day it has been! I have been working on some non-yarn related projects around here. As I have stated before I love canning season, and that season may be a little late this year, but it it here now!!!!! (Insert happy dancing here) It is no secret that cooking is my other passion. And I am proud to keep the tradition of preserving food, as well. My Granddaddy likes to tell how his mama  Ellie Claire, whom I get my middle name from, would put up 275 quarts of tomatoes every summer. 🙂 That is what dreams are made of. One day that will be my goal. For now what I get out of 25 lb of tomatoes at a time is what I will take. Canning tomatoes may be my favorite, but we must not forget the greenbeans as they are a close second.


There hasn’t been much time for crocheting this week. What little I have done has been simple butterfly shawls. I did however find new colorways in some of my favorite go-to yarns this week. Check out these skeins that somehow jumped into my cart yesterday. 😀


Now I must get back to my chores, so maybe I can crochet a bit later. Until we talk again, Don’t worry be crafty! ~ Jama