Good morning!

Good morning ya’ll! Sorry things have been quiet this week. But don’t worry I have been working on a new design.  Something that had been floating around in my head for almost 2 years. I believe that sometimes we need a bit of confidence that we can make beautiful things, and that for a fact there will be mistakes. If it hasn’t been made before, then why would it not have mistakes? So why be afraid to make a “boo-boo”??  The funny thing is there are times when mistakes turn into part of the design. I have learned that once you start working on a new design that it opens up even more ideas. At this point I see doing this garment 3 different ways. I love the creative process. Truly what you put into it ,is at the very least what you get out of it.

Until we talk again, Don’t worry be crafty! ~Jama

Flying Fingers to the Finish Line

Hey ya’ll! It has been a busy few days around here trying to finish up the Openwork Top I started about 2 weeks ago. The first part of the week completed the Southern Diamond Wrap CAL. Needless to say my fingers have been flying! I used to watch people and think, “Boy look at them go!” I never thought my speed would pick up, however with practice there you go, 4 rows before you know it, next time you look 20. With that said, I got the “Openwork Top” done. YAY!!!! The finish line was crossed tonight, so onward to making my demo board for my class tomorrow.


FINISHED!! Openwork Top by Yarnspirations
FINISHED!! Openwork Top by Yarnspirations
Week 3 completed of Southern Diamond Wrap CAL from ELK Studio.
Week 3 completed of Southern Diamond Wrap CAL from ELK Studio.
The finished product., all 90 inches of it. The colors are incredible in person!!  Very happy with it.
The finished product., all 90 inches of it. The colors are incredible in person!! Very happy with it.

Hope this brings some inspiration to your day! Until we talk again, Don’t worry be crafty! ~ Jama

5 years, much change, greater love

July 6, 2011. The date I started to blog this journey down a crafted path. So much has changed since then, since I first got back into crochet 9 years ago for that matter. {There was a few years that I didn’t craft a lot during highschool/college.] My crochet style has changed since then as well. I have made many afghans. Those used to take me months to complete, depending on the complexity. When our nieces and nephews started coming into the world I began making baby blankets. When I realized that smaller projects cause more instant gratification and I could make 2 to 3 times as many as an afghan, I was hooked. Now I love to make stuffed toys, and as of late wearable garments. Things that make up quickly but beautifully catch my attention now. I can never stress enough that practice is the only way to gain confidence and speed. Things that used to take months now only take a matter of days. Always aim to be better at what you do than the day before.
My progress on the Openwork Top is coming along….


The back is finished, now on to to the front. All the while I am on the last leg of the CAL from Elk Studio. Oh and work on the sweater I am making my Mom. I think I may have CADD. You got it Crafting Attention Deficit Disorder! 🙂 Seriously you have to have lots of projects going on at once so that you are busy not bored. Until next time, don’t worry be crafty~ Jama

Routine and Ribbing

June has passed us by, with little to show that it was ever here. Now we enter into July with hope that with the scorching weather, that we can get a lot packed into the next 31 days. Usually in the summer my family and I have a garden and by the 3rd week of June we have things like squash and green beans start coming in. Most of the time the pressure canner has taken its first trip out of the pantry. This year however is a little different. With everyone’s schedule we did not have the time to really invest in what it takes to garden. (Last year we got taste of going to the State farmer’s market, which we loved!) The reason I share this is because usually in the summer my crochet and knitting, among other crafting, is put on  back burner if you will. That has just be my routine, until this year that is. What would we do with out routine? This summer has consisted of nights of crocheting after daily tasks have been done, but I got to say Fridays have been my focal point. The day filled with time for  just me and my yarn (with Netflix thrown in for good measure). So my new summer routine is to sleep in a bit, work all day on my current projects, prepare for the class that I teach and focus on what to share with you all. I got so excited when I turned the calendar page this morning and realized that there are 5 Fridays this month.  😀 How awesome is that, an extra Friday to get more crafting done?!? So let me show you my latest WIP that I have going…

Ribbing for the "Openwork Top"
Ribbing for the “Openwork Top”

This happens to be the second time of making this top pattern found at

I wish I could tell you the name of the designer, however I have not been  able to locate it anywhere on the pattern. This was the first piece of clothing I ever crocheted, and I just love wearing it! This time I am using the exact same colorway, Circus, of Cotton Fair as the first one. Can’t wait to see how this one turns out. Well, I guess it is time to head back to my routine. 🙂

Until we talk again, don’t worry be crafty! ~ Jama