Show the love!

Encouragement, we all need it and yet, how often do we give it? A caring smile in passing,  looking someone in the eyes while they talk to you. You never know how a simple gesture will help improve someone’s day. The mere act of holding the door open for another, can lift my mood. Self-less acts to show human connection often go unnoticed by many, but for the one that receives it, it can be life-saving. There is a new charity/ministry that has been developed among my crocheting and knitting  friends, called “Comfort Squares”. This is a VERY quick and  simple project that goes to people going through cancer treatments, surgery, etc. They are 4- 5 inch crochet/ knitted squares  of bright and pastel colors made in any pattern that you like. What makes this special, much like prayer shawls, they are blessed by clergy so the patient that receives this piece of cloth has a reminder that there was another person that cares for them and prayed for them. What a powerful way to send people a message of love,hope and encouragement!  I must admit that I could always use some hope and encouragement. In recent months I received a note that MADE my day. It so simply said, “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,Always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy…” {Phil. 1:3-4}  I love it!  For more information on the “Comfort Square” project leave me a message here or at Fruitful Concepts Studio on Facebook.

Until then, don’t worry be crafty- Jama Stallings Currin